PANSURAS© (Perioperative ANesthesia & SURgical Assessment System) is a self-learning preoperative risk-assessment system and decision-support program. It also has extra modules for complication registration, quality control, simulation, and audit. Furthermore, it interfaces with other modules to improve the accuracy of the predicive algorithms, as well as individual, local, and regional benchmarking. What can the clinician do with PANSURAS?

PANSURAS is the next step in perioperative assessment and management, an indispensable component of the core of an effectively functioning “Perioperative Surgical Home” — the methodolgy with which to provide a seamless “chain of care” for each individual patient.

And all this is made possible by harnessing the enormous power of modern computing available to all in the form of network connected desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

The tabs above explain why perioperative management must move ahead from the current qualitative, individual physician based system of perioperative management — made even worse by the “island cultures” existing between specialists of various disciplines.