Trial version of PANSURAS - Disclaimer:
PANSURAS© (Perioperative ANesthesia & SURgical Assessment System) provides decision support relevant to the majority of disorders encountered the perioperative assessment of persons ≥18 years of age who are to undergo non-cardiothoracic surgery. It does not provide any useful information for persons under the age of 18 years, for persons who are to undergo cardiothoracic surgery, for persons with congenital disorders, nor for any rare diseases or metabolic disorders. Furthermore, PANSURAS© does not replace thinking, medical knowledge, clinical knowledge and acumen, or good clinical practice. PANSURAS© is a decision support program, which means that the advice, assessments, and statistics generated should never be interpreted as any more than extra information possibly aiding decision-making when combined with medical knowledge, clinical acumen, and good clinical practice. While the developer of this system has made every effort to incorporate the most relevant scientific medical literature in this program (as of 2017), the literature is so vast, that there are almost certainly one or more blind spots. By logging-in and using PANSURAS©, the user signifies understanding of, and acceptance of these limitations.