PANSURAS … the dream …

For years I dreamed of a self-learning, preoperative decision-support system very different from the current imperfect preoperative assessment systems now in use. This dream, this passion, has ultimately culminated in the development of the self-learning, preoperative decision-support program called PANSURAS (Preoperative ANesthesia & SURgical Assessment System) — a program providing true preoperative decision-support for anesthesiologists & surgeons during busy clinical practice!

… dreams can become reality … Gerald Woerlee

  • Normal clinical workflow
  • Teaching pop-ups
  • Risk assessment
  • Clinical simulation
  • Clinical considerations
  • Clear clinical oversight
  • Clinical summaries
  • Benchmarking
  • ICD-10-CM outcomes
  • ICD-9-PCS outcomes
  • Anesthesia type analysis
  • Complication registry
  • Personal audit
  • Analytics per specialism
  • Analytics clinical patients
  • Analytics ambulant patients
  • Multiple logistical regressions
  • Multiple 2-variable regressions
  • Scatter and line graphs

Woerlee Praktijk B.V.
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